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Congratulations on taking the first step towards ensuring your next holiday is absolutely the most fun filled, relaxing and value for money holiday you've ever experienced.
First time houseboaters often need a little push... and after they have chartered with us they are absolutely delighted.
We suspect you already know there is a better way to spend your holiday time and money than you have in the past, but you just have not quite found it. The information in this website is designed to explain how you can experience this magical houseboat experience... many people tells us that they have always talked about going on a houseboat holiday but just never got around to it.

We really do hope we can welcome you as a special guest of Getaway Luxury Houseboats Myall Lakes... sometime soon.
go ashore for bushwalking or dining out
water lillies in Myall Lakes
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We advise currently not having any houseboats available in our fleet.

Unfortunately, until further notice we are unable to take advance bookings.